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Review: Unabomber Wheels 54mm

Let it be known that here at Crossfire we think that the Unabomber ‘Wings’ logo is one of the all-time best logos created by a skate brand. Sure, it gets credit in that it’s instantly recognisable and brings back fond memories of rummaging through wardrobes and drawers in search of your favourite hoody (find me a British skateboarding who never owned at least one Unabomber hoody and I’ll tell them the exact point where their life went wrong), but when do you hear it mentioned alongside the likes of Jim Phillip’s ‘Screaming Hand’ or the Thrasher logo? It arguably has an equal cultural significance, at least on this side of the pond and we reckon that it should be the result of more drunken tattoos. Regardless, when this package arrived with these 54mm wheels bearing the gentlemanly wings we were super stoked to have a long overdue re-watch of ‘Up The Rebels!‘ and go shredding on the brand’s new urethane.

I frequently choose Unabomber Wheels due to their affordability and reliability and with their new urethane formula (wryly named ‘neurethane’) they remain very high up in my list of favourite wheels. The Daft Punk-esque tagline ‘Harder. Faster. Longer.’ is as legit as the tune itself and after a mighty powerslide session or seven these still feel fresh out the pack, withstanding the notorious violence of waxed-up floors of multi-storey carparks and wearing only a tiny bit of subsequent bruising.

Unabomber also have some new bolts out in regular raw silver and black and blue and white. It goes without saying, they do the job and they do it well. Check ’em out, throw some stickers on your board and go fly.