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Xmas Jam 2009 goes off!

This Saturday’s Crossfire Xmas Jam went off in fine style at Bay66 and was attended by the creme of UK skateboarding and hundreds of upcomers who support our events. We are stoked this morning so thank you so much if you were involved in making it another successful get together.

The rains stayed away this year leaving us with bright sunshine and a dry park to shred which was bliss compared to 2008’s damp affair. So, what went down? Well, the car was obviously the focus this year as it was built to perfection by Dave, Mike and the Mutate Britain guys. Every part of it was skateable from the ledges and rails on the roof to the hippy jump window gaps.

Daryl Dominguez managed the best trick on the day with a varial heelflip 5-0 and Jess Young was the only man able to pull off a hippy jump through the windows. The mini ramp jam was its usual melee of madness and Greg Nowik won it once again taking the beer money. This session was fueled by Jak Tonge, Chris Oliver and many more. So many more tricks went down that you can see in the video edit released tomorrow so look out or it.

Big love to all who came down on the day to support UK Skateboarding, we salute you for your efforts. Extra special thanks to all at Bay66, Sidewalk, Blueprint, Death, Science, Drawing Boards, Kill City, Lovenskate, Motive, Heroin, Landscape, Unabomber, The Harmony and Crayon Skateboards for making it happen and organising a huge amount of team riders, you all fucking rule.

Photo: Jess Young brought a feeble to the party shot by Dom Marley