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Wörgl Bowl opening footy

Just to prove that the Austrian Wörgl bowl is fully functional and ready to rip, the boys from Muckefest held the Pluto comp on October 7-8th for the opening and a healthy handful of European Thrashers turned up to skate and celebrate.

Despite the weather being shit on the Saturday, it was all sunshine on the Sunday, and things went right off the Richter scale. It was a tough call, but these were the final results:

1. Anders Tellen (Photo c/o Michael Dragaschnig)
2. Stefan Atzl
3. Roman Astleitner / David Margreiter
5. David Martelleur
6. Thilo Nawrocki
7. Ferit Batir
8. Matthias Trobos

Peep the footage here or here, and pictures c/o