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Words from Lords of the Swords this weekend

The annual skateboard romp also known as Lords of the Swords went down this weekend with teams leaving urethane all over Essex’ most treasured spots to complete this year’s challenges. Expect edits to drop soon with a public vote but for now, here’s the word from the inner sanctum:

“It kicked of friday morning with our best turn out yet. We had teams of skaters that we had never seen before, we had teams from Suffolk, all over Essex and even a team that was taking part from Australia. The Green Team turned up throwing bird scarer bangers at the other teams and the Zombie boys returning fire with green smoke grenades! It was like something out of nam. (lol). Over the weekend every park we turned up to had at least 2 to 3 teams going hard for the challenges. On Friday night we had the 20 deep Zombie crew and 3 other teams camping out at Dunmow skatepark doing acid and whatever else as we watched a thunder storm roll over. The rest of the weekend was just ass crazy. Delside’s tiny DIY build in Rayleigh got rinsed and was over spilling with teams – expect some great footage!”