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The ‘Whale’ gets dipped!

Good news this week as the Heroin Whale was brought to life by Fos at Bay Sixty 6 skate park.

With a coat of paint the beast will set sail this Saturday when the Crossfire Xmas Jam runs it’s course from 12pm in London. Click here for the updated rider list.

The inclusion of this obstacle brought talk of the park becoming a new London Aquarium with banter running along the lines of building obstacles around the Lanscape Horizon, Death Ice Berg, Heathen Whaling Ship, Karma Submarine, Unabomber Penguin and also the Blueprint photo booth where you can get your snaps at the end of the day. Or maybe we were just talking total shite after a shandy…

Bad news in today is that the 2 European Blind riders scheduled to be at this years jam are injured alongside Heroin rider Chris Ault who twisted an ankle quite badly heel flipping the driveway at Mudchute this week on a filming mission.

Get well soon mate, maybe someone will be able to wheel you down….