Vans x Star Wars edit


Steve Caballero suited up in a Chewbacca outfit to skate in this new video to promote the new line of Vans and Star Wars collab footwear that you can see here. Due to an injury his foot had to be pumped with cortisone ahead of the day of the shoot which made for uncomfortable skating dressed up in a seriously hairy outfit.

“It took some time to get used to skating in the costume. The shoes were a little weird and deceiving because there were wookie toes hanging off the end of it so when I looked down at my feet it looked weird, ” explains Cab. “I had to step on my board by feel and then I couldn’t even feel my back foot because it was completely numb so I was winging it. And then one time I fell down and I slid down on my butt and I ripped a hole in the butt of the costume. So I was a little insecure about that because I thought the rip was super huge but it wasn’t and the hair was covering it. And every time I knee slid it was scrapping the toes off and ripping hair off. I was trying not to bail as much as I could so I wouldn’t ruin the costume.”

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