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VANS UK Tour update pt 1

4.36pm Monday 30th July

Nick Powley, Vans Team Manager reporting live from Prissick Plaza Car Park.

It’s day 3 of the tour and I’m sitting in the bus watching Rogie bust his balls in the monstrous bowl e are just having a little time in the sunshine before heading to R-Kade Skatepark in Redcar for tonight’s demo. So far the tour has gone well, very relaxed rather than hordes of screaming kids asking for stickers and the kids have just been stoked and into skating with us.

After a visit to Slam City Skates on Saturday we headed over to Bay 66 where everyone really enjoyed the new course. Once everyone was exhausted we drove to Leeds that in our slow Bus took forever as boredom set in we decided a little redecoration was in order. We now have some lovely porn walls which also feature a pic of Bill Bailey and the Terminator. We soon got bored of decorating and turned our talents to making various accessories including a tennis net and bat inside the bus, was just like Wimbledon really but without the rain!

On Sunday we popped into Exit and had some breakfast in the corn exchange followed a gentle led stretch up at Hyde Park and then the demo at The Works that was another fun affair with the local kids getting stuck in and skating to. The afternoon ended with a really good pool session, Howard Cooke claimed undoubtedly the longest FS 5-0 ever done in it, but the boy who won over the fans was newbie Ben Norberg who got supertech on the rail with fs feebs to fakie amongst his bag of tricks on show.

Everyone is looking forward to a free day tomorrow where we will try and skate the newer parks at Dundee and Dunblaine rather than the traditional romp at Livi, see you in Scotland!

Winners so far of the FREE VANS bonanza are:


Ryan Swain from North Yorkshire
Adam Collingburn from Retford


Paul Tibbins from Stonebridge
Warren Greatrex from Essex


Steve Purser from Leicester
Ben Cope from Leeds

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