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Vans Downtown Showdown Results!

Over the weekend, Hamburg’s Red Light District hosted the European Vans Downtown Showdown which once again saw some of the continent’s best skate teams battle it out on creative terrain built by the team’s themselves.

The Cliché obstacle took inspiration from Hamburg’s poledancers and the bank/round rail was the first session of the day. Phil Zwijsen started as he meant to carry on – by winning.

Cliché Obstacle

1st – Phil Zwijsen
2nd – Chris Oliver
3rd – Hugo Liard

Next up was Element’s obstacle. Their ‘oil spill’ didn’t cause too much environmental damage but Phil Zwijsen again proved to be the damaja with it comes to shredding up the custom made turf.

Element Obstacle

1st – Phil Zwijsen
2nd – Samu Karvonen
3rd – Ross McGouran

Rather than going the typical route, Death’s obstacle was instead an amalgamation of their favourite spots throughout Europe and was dubbed ‘The Pirate Spot’. Sam Partaix destroyed this and earned his position as the day’s Best Pro.

Ross McGouran goes frontside over the Antiz monster

Death Obstacle

1st – Sam Partaix
2nd – Michael Mackrodt
3rd – Guillaume Mocquin

Antiz constructed a mythical monster to take over Hamburg for the final obstacle. Transition tamers like Ross McGouran and Guillaume Mocquin stole the show here.

Antiz Obstacle

1st – Guillaume Mocquin
2nd – Ross McGouran
3rd – Sam Partaix

The results from the entire day were as follows…

Best Pro – Sam Partaix
Best Am – Phil Zwijsen
Monster’s Most Pirate Skater – Guillaume Mocquin

Overall Team Results

1st – Element Europe
2nd – Antiz Skateboards
3rd – Blind Europe

Stay tuned for videos from the day as they surface…