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Vallely takes a bow

Mike Vallely has recorded a video collage to celebrate 21 years of skateboarding. Vallely has been there and done the lot and blogged recently that ….’these days I don’t go to the trade shows, I don’t shake hands with the movers and shakers and I no longer follow the culture. The evaluation of others is no longer a guide for me; I am entirely on my own and quite content in my own skin. So when people say I’m over the hill and all that other nonsense all that I can do is laugh. Of course I’m over the hill, I turned pro in 1987 so by industry standards I was over the hill in 1989, that’s just the way it goes‘.

Vallely has just completed filming a new movie called Mall Cop featuring Kevin James and says that ‘I got to do things on my skateboard that no other skateboarder has done to date.’ Whilst we wait for this, you can watch Mike’s latest collage here: