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UK scene videos rife across web

Fiilming skateboarding and using the internet as the main window for sharing your video clips has become a phenomenon since we have been here watching it all develop from the very beginning. It’s extremely encouraging to see creativity develop in the world of skateboard media, with many people all over the country taking time out to represent their local scenes and be inspired by videographers and amazing skaters worldwide.

This latest edit by Coops shows more footage of Gyppo Army skaters Aaron Sweeney and Anthony Demascio alongside Farris Hassen, Lee Santer and Joe Melk skating in a brand new edit whilst Coops was studying at the Ravensbourne college of Design and Communication. When our new site launches in the next month you will be able to upload your own scene videos. Get your edits ready now for the CF version 3.0 launch and we will post your footage here for Europe’s largest online skate community to stream.