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Transworld Skateboarding Awards

It’s always nice to get a pat on the back for your efforts, so winning an award can always help float the ego a bit. Transworld have been running their award ceremony for a while now, and this year looks like they actually got a few choices right. Here’s the run down:

The Best Team for 2006 was Cliché which is pretty appropriate considering the amount of shredding these guys get up to. Plus the fact that they single-handedly made football look cool again…

Best Vert Skater went to the madman himself, Danny Way. No great surprise there if it weren’t for another year of limit stretching stunts and a lot of airtime.

Best Rookie for 2006 went to Jereme Rogers because this guy does not stop until the fat lady sings, and seeing as skateboarding hasn’t attracted any overweight falcettos, I doubt Jereme will stop killing it on his pro board anytime soon.

The Best Video of 2006 was voted as Baker 3, so get your hands on a copy ASAP if you don’t know already. Heavy parts from Antwuan Dixon, Andrew Reynolds, Brandon Szefranski and co. had kids, managers and groupies in a fever.

The video part that had people screaming the most was undoubtably Daewon Song in Skate More by DVS. I just watched Daewon’s part the other day and I still get hyped by it. Truly one of the most gifted skaters to grace this planet.

The Best Street Skater in 2006 went to Dennis Busenitz which is great because despite being quite a shy character, Dennis screams at you when he flies past at a hundred miles an hour plus.

This years Skate Legend went to the one and only Mark Gonzales. I’m sure the Gonz is stoked to be called a legend, but I don’t think he has any intention of hanging up his laurels, especially if the new Krooked video is anything to go by.

Finally, the Readers Choice award went to Chris Cole which is understandable when you see the route Chris has travelled with his skateboard over the last 12 months. I think I have an idea where Chris gets his trick selection from, and it isn’t from watching the competition because he squashed them ages ago.

Good work Transworld. To read the whole story go here where you view footage fo the best of 2005..