Tommy Guerrero: 30 years being pro

Ph: J Grant Brittain


Tommy Guerrero‘s style from day one was undeniably the best out there. Back in the 80s when he was positioned as ‘the street dude’ on Powell Peralta’s world famous Bones Brigade, his influence was huge amongst all of us who loved skating pavements, hills and beyond. A breath of fresh air in the midst of a classic era in skateboarding that sold its soul to corperate brands whilst wearing a dayglo beef hat that eventually killed off transition shredding for an age. Whilst everyone else was in meltdown, Tommy rolled forwards like no other, with a laid back, cool-as-fuck attitude that defined the next generation. He was always one step ahead.

This year marks his 30th as a pro skateboarder, a feat most would love to have on their CV, especially when you look into what he has achieved off his board too, keeping skating alive for every generation with Real and playing a major role in what DLX has become for skaters worldwide – a positive force.

This footage looks back on the early days with Tommy alongside his closest buddies, Jim Thiebaud and Mickey Reyes, reminiscing on some golden skateboarding history. Take your hat off to one of the very best of all time – long live Tommy Guerrero!