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They really did it…

Heath Kirchart and Jeff Vallee have completed their cross-country bike ride this week, cycling from L.A to New York (3,303.3 miles) in 53 days.

If you were following their journey on their website you would have have seen all the ups and downs, the fantastic trolling incident and plenty more encounters that can only occur on a bicycle ride across a country bigger than you could even imagine. A perfect example of doing something for the sheer fuck of it. There’s nothing stopping you either, just say yes.

Congratulations to the both of them! Keep your eye on the site though as they have already discussed handing it over to someone else doing something similar.

Who knows what is next for the unpredictable Heath? He’s often reluctant to give so much as a hint, but spontaneity and ‘no reason’ decisions are the spice of life, so stop watching and get grinding.