The Sunday Roast

Ph: Kyle Leeper


Here’s three videos for the Sabbath firstly kicking off with the b-sides of Colin Provost’s ‘MADE’ Chapter One section that was released on Friday. Cannot wait for Chapter 2. Get behind the scenes of his full part with extra angles and all the trimmings with some killer fence sessions too. Amazing stuff.

If Bill Murray was a skateboarder he would rock the most fun powerslides out there. This new film premiered by Jenkem this week has Fred Gall, Jordan Trahan, Charles Collet, Brian Delatorre, Joel Meinholz, Danny Supa, Brendan Carroll, Shawn Powers, Kevin Bradley, Curtis Rapp, Jimmy Lannon and Yonnie Cruz skating spots in NYC, Japan and Florida, cut with all sorts of mashed up footage from yesteryears.


Alex Cooper’s Born Slippy was filmed over the course of a few months in Washington, Oregon, San Francisco and Japan. The skating comes from Eugene Ibanez, Dane Barker, Ian Wishart, Carlmelo Ibanez, Alex Cooper, Adam Barnes, David Jaques, John Lindsay, Nick Satter, Logan Devlin, and many other friends and was released this week in full online. Get the teas on for this.