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The Sunday Roast

Art of the Week: Andy Smoke


We dedicate Go Skateboarding Day to Alison Morrison who sadly lost her life for sticking up for her son. May she rest in peace.

If there’s one edit you should watch ahead today’s GSD malarkey it’s Mike Arnold’s full part from the Skateboard Cafe’s ‘Alfresco’ flick. Edit of the Week.

Dom Henry‘s new Politic edit got the tongues wagging ou there, and rightly so.

Across the pond, Birdhouse ripper Clive Dixon dropped a killer new part.

Nick Jensen‘s new shoe collab with Isle and Lakia would have made Roy Orbison proud. Look out for these at your local skate shop this summer.

cdClive Dixon’s latest full length edit has pretty much everything you would want to see in a full part, but this ridiculous kick flip towed from a motorbike steals to the show on the gif front.

This was the most shared in this week’s daily gifs on our Tumblr page, follow it for the best tricks on the web.

Travel edit of the Week goes to the Lifeblood crew with Mason Merlino, Kevin Kowalski and more destroying backyard bowls and Oregon parks cut to Rudimentary Peni.

Vault edit of the Week goes to DVS with Skate More. Get hyped on footage of Chico Brenes, Daewon Song, Daniel Castillo, Dennis Busenitz, Jason Dill, Jereme Rogers, Jeron Wilson, Keith Hufnagel, Kerry Getz, Mikey Taylor, Steve Berra and Torey Pudwill. Some team that….