The Sunday Roast

Ph: Jak Tonge ollies from a crusty old run up for Ranny Ransom’s lens. Read his interview.


Dominated mostly by British skateboarding this week, today’s Sunday Roast has carved out the best of the rest for you to catch up on kicking off with one of the best tour edits you will ever see from the Supra team, who camped out in the UK for 5 weeks and logged this incredible footage.

Palace Skateboards who dropped a new 17 minute promo ahead of their full release coming soon.

Nick Jensen gets man of the match this week for this natural performance put together by Josh Stewart.

Harry Lintell joined the Black Sheep shop team with a dope new Sean Lomax edit.

Aaron Herrington‘s Static IV was officially launched on the web by Theories.

Jensen’s look back to his part in Lost & Found this week promted this. Get the teas on.

Or, delve into the street life of Tyshawn Jones, Sean Pablo, Louie Lopez, Aidan Mackey, Sage Elsesser, Nakel Smith and Kevin Bradley and more in the full Illegal Civilization 2 video that was unleashed.

And finally, Tom Penny chose Kareem Campbell‘s part in World Industries’ ‘Trilogy’ video that dropped back in 1996 as his all time classic. Watch the full video below with Daewon, Gino, Dill, Creager and many more.