The Muska, Caines and Kelly discuss Southbank

Photo: Sophia Bennett

The ongoing Southbank battle hit BBC London this week seeing Long Live Southbank’s Jason Caines and the Southbank Centre’s Jude Kelly both discussing their sides of the story following a recent 27,000 people petition submitted to Lambeth Council last week by LLSB.

Despite a huge amount of work the situation here has not really changed. The SBC have now submitted an amended planning application for their ‘Festival Wing’ scheme, alongside a separate planning application for their proposed new Hungerford Bridge site, and skateboarders would still like to keep the existing space and not have anything to do with the relocation in order to preserve the history that we all love and cherish. Once again, the future of this famous skate spot is in the hands of Lambeth Council.

Scroll down to also hear legendary skater Chad Muska reminisce how he first heard about SB and discuss his views on saving the Undercroft.