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The Making of SMP skatepark

The SMP skatepark in Shanghai, China, is officially the world’s biggest skatepark, and no doubt you’ve already seen the likes of Trujillo tearing the place to pieces.

This lengthy documentary and image gallery features the two Aussie designers and builders of the park, Darren White and Simon Oxenham, giving their thoughts and ideologies towards a project of this size.

When budget is not an issue and and you’ve got a strong army of 100+ Chinese workers to handle the manpower behind your creative vision, you’re definitely one huge step ahead of the process. The “Bigger is Better” skatepark project took a total of 18 months from the initial brainstorming sessions with OZ skate die-hards Tim “Dorfus” McDougall, Tom, “VB” Flaherty, Renton Millar, Brett Margaritas, and Morgan Campbell to completion.

Got a spare half hour this morning? Then get the kettle on, sit back and watch, then think about booking yourself a flight over to China for the weekend.