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The Lurking Hole to host Photo Exhibition

September brings a fresh photo exhibition to Nottingham called 6x4xLOADS! point&shoot photographic exhibition and opening shindig.

It will be held at THE LURKING HOLE, Nelson St. (opposite the Ice Stadium) Nottingham, NG1 in mid-September (actual date t.b.c)

The first concrete incarnation of The Lurking Hole art-space, 6x4xLOADS! is to be a photographic exhibition exploring the murky world of ‘point&shoot’ photography.

6x4xLOADS! is a celebration of all the glitches, weirdness and scandal that unfolds daily, and every once in a while someone wielding a camera happens to stumble across and capture, thus presenting chance encounter and oddness for all to view and take-in at their own pace.

Featuring significant contributions from international artists and lens-folk such as Jocko Weyland (Elk Zine), Andy Horsley (Sidewalk Magazine), Rob Erickson, Ali Couch, Tobin Yelland, Jerry Price (Clutter Zine), Dave Bevan (88 Shades of Grey Zine), and Jake McGowan (Scraps of Why Zine) along with a whole host of other troublemakers and nay-do-wells, the show promises a huge body of work to get your eyes round, with a publication and open submission on-line gallery in the works to follow…

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