The Easter Sunday Roast

Image: Nicolás Lagos

Let’s kick this off with proof that Jesus rips after a bottle of wine.

Koichiro Uehara‘s section in Lens II took Skate Edit of the Week. Outrageous fast-footed skills.

Rain or shine Chris ‘Avi’ Atherton can be found in the back streets of Accrington self-filming his next web part for your viewing pleasure.

Paul Rodriguez, Nick Tucker and Carlos Ribeiro teach the streets some new lessons from the Primitive Skateboards launch.

Roger Skateboards’ uploaded a new edit overnight and bring Jazz to the party.

Ryan Reyes‘ part from ‘A Happy Medium 3’ has some tasty NBD’s and a whole lot more filmed in ditches and dusty spots.

If you are looking for fun skateboarding, look no further than this:

Get the teas on and look back in time to the VHS cut of ‘The End‘ by Birdhouse from 1998. This van of destruction features British skaters Ali Cairns and Brian Sumner alongside Andrew Reynolds, Tony Hawk, Rick McCrank, Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Klein, Steve Berra and many more.