The DC Embassy closes

Looks like the DC Embassy is a wrap. Here’s a translation from a Spanish website although we disagree with the quality as some banging edits came out of there from many.

“The DC Embassy closed after 3 years. The rumour that ran for weeks on everyone’s lips has been made official and after three years of activity, the DC brand has decided to abandon the project that was a ‘Berrics style’ skatepark in Europe.

There could be many reasons for the closure of the DC Embassy due to the the high cost of the skatepark, it provided little benefit, etc.. In the last year the content (videos of riders) was increasingly poor and with little relevance. If we add that Quiksilver has bought DC and therefore will manage budgets and costs of closing it, this step was clear.

Now it remains to see how Nike SB takes shape and if it will be more successful than the Embassy.”