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The Campus Pool Project designs by Canvas Spaces

March 25th, 2015 by Zac


Our good friends at Canvas have sent us the full plans of the much talked about Campus Pool Project in Bristol to launch as an exclusive for you to gaze over today. One of these images has been shown online in a local Bristol newspaper already, but here’s the other two so you can see it from all angles.

This is a spectacular new project that is transforming the old Bishopsworth Swimming Pool in Whitchurch Lane into a skate park, saving the building from demolition.

Tim and Andre from Transitions Skate have been behind the project, the same dudes that run The Campus indoor skate park at in Winterbourne. They chose CANVAS Spaces to design and build this epic new park who are now one third into the job that will eventually have office space and a café. If everything goes to plan, the work on this special new pool spot will be completed in May this year and open to the public this summer.

Well done to all involved. It’s another fantastic example of skateboarders doing positive things for local kids by creating amazing new spots. Scroll down for Liam Cooper’s videos that are appearing on Instagram as the build moves forward.




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