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The art of Stunt-boarding

Whether or not we’ll all be flying off 30 foot ramps and riding rainbow rails in the future is still uncertain, but if you want to see how far we can take this skateboard thing, look no further than Danny Way. The bionic Super-human keeps surpassing himself with wilder stunts every time, and the next one looks like something out of a morphine dream.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas boasts a monolithic-sized electric guitar in its front yard, and Danny wants to play the 40 foot beast for kicks. Basically (???), the plan is to perform a 25 foot bomb drop into a 27 foot quarterpipe!!! Has Danny bitten off more than he can chew this time? I’d like to see what the local bookies odds are for this one… The stunt will take place on Wednesday April 5th, so stay tuned if you want to see Danny etch another knotch in his history stick.