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Tampa Am 2007

The annual Tampa Am contest is well known for being a breeding ground of tomorrow’s kick-ass skaters and industry talent scouts on the look out.

It’s also a wickedly debauched weekend. As per usual the competition was extremely tight as a few unknown faces battled it out with established amateurs in a bid to climb the ranking ladder.

This year a relatively unknown young chap going by the name Felipe Gustavo from Brazil killed the competition stringing together smooth and technical runs that covered the unique street course.

Here is the top 5 for what it’s worth:

1. Felipe Gustavo (Plasma)

2. Sierra Fellers (Foundation)

3. Grant Taylor (Alien Workshop) (c.f. Frontside Nosebone c/o Skatepark of Tampa)

4. David Gonzales (Flip)

5. Evan Smith (Ezekiel)

No comp is a comp nowadays without the infamous Best trick going down, and the Tampa Am is a sureshot heavy hitter grudge match. Personally I’m not surprised to see Torey Pudwill won with a nollie heelflip crooks down the big rail. I’ve warned you about that kid…

For more info, video footage and lurker photography visit the Skatepark of Tampa website here.