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T-Bird’s flying in SA!

Anybody that skated in London over the last 2-3 years would have bumped into Tertius Vivier at some point. If you went to scralp a rail in the city he would already be there getting his trucks wet on the coping before everyone else.

He was deported back to SA for overstaying his visa last year but it’s good to see the monster is still ripping it up to get the most out of his urethane! Seriously, this bloke does not have the word NO in his vocabulary.

Christensen just sent these in and said. “He used to practise by holding onto the back of Christi’s bike and then Christi would fling him off and he’d fly into someones garden!”

But last week the crazy fuck went over to his buddy’s house after setting up brand new swiss bearings into his downhill monster. He then convinced Richard that they should go for a quick cruise down their normal hill (which is the road they live on…it’s gnarly), even though it’s 5pm and peak hour for commuters driving home from work. Richard hesitated but eventually gave in as T-bird was too hyped on his brand new swiss bearings and had to bomb straight away!

Once approaching the normal take off spot, Tertius thought it would be best to go a little further (higher) up the hill to get the maximum swiss effect. They quickly got they’re boards ready started pusing and pushing themselves faster and faster down this beast of a hill, he reckons he overtook Rich within 10 seconds flat! Whilst hitting a speed of about 80k/ph he was fast approaching a junction which has a 7/11(convenience store) and a gas station on the corner with constant traffic coming in and out of the parking area. After dodging cars like bullets, a driver skipped the Stop Sign and T-Bird had to bail to the side, jumping off at MAC10, crashing his board into a curb and flying about 30 feet down the road, ripping his arsehole to pieces and tearing right through his jeans and wallet!

For some reason he didn’t incur any injuries, besides a torn arsehole and I can guarantee you that he’ll be right back at the take zone in less than a month. Legend