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‘Super Jumbo’ Lovenskate movie!

Lovenskate have sent us their first trailer for the forthcoming ‘Super Jumbo‘ movie.

The film documents a skate trip to Bolivia covering the experience of the full journey.

Lovenskate’s head honcho Stuart Smith spoke to Crossfire about the film over a cup of hot builders tea: “I first went to Bolivia 8 years ago. For one week I walked around La Paz without seeing a single skateboarder. There were the signs, waxed marble, ground ledges, all hidden among women clad in Alpaca wool sat in the blazing heat selling anything from mothballs to angle grinders.

Then they appeared, and so did a city covered in spots and skateboarding potential. Sometimes it felt like you’d gone back in time on your skateboard, often riding out of a trick on cobbles, but it made it all part of the challenge.

I knew that one day I wanted to go back and make a skateboard film, and in 2008 we got the opportunity. We travelled for one month from La Paz, the highest capital city in the world, down the mountains to Cochabamba and to the jungle city Santa Cruz. “Super Jumbo” documents our journey, the rich Skateboard scene and it’s characters like Gunnar Quispe, JP, Wazo and many more.”

Look out for the release of “Super Jumbo” this summer and click here for the trailer.