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Stockholm gets High in the Valley

The Swedish Capital Stockholm is gearing up for one of the biggest skatepark builds ever.

The Highvalley Project is in planning stages and looks to supply skaters with every possible terrain if the green light is raised on the build.

When asked about whether these plans would go ahead this morning, Bellows head honcho Love Eneroth said: Stockholm has been in need for something like this for quite sometime now. Really stoked on that downhill/ditch thingy. I just hope that the politicians will get something done so this thing will happen. When asked the same question Harmony skater Danijel Todorovic added ‘‘…it’s just a 3D sketch at the moment but i think its gonna happen, more parks for the people!‘.

Danijel also mentioned that local skaters are still hungover from Pontus Alv’s Steppe Side bowls that were destroyed 2 months ago that has rocked the Malmo skate scene. We all hope the boys will find a new place for new home made terrain.

Watch this space..