Skateboarding News

Squash the Firm rumours.

Haters are busy trying to bring something good to its knees, but The Firm ain’t dead yet!

News direct from the source tells us Weiger is hitting the shelves with two new pro models, Javier Sarmiento is shifting weight too with his new Al Capone model, and Rodrigo TX is handling business proper, taking no prisoners with his technical suave and dropping not one pro spotlight but TWO!

Lance Mountain is the only man down at the moment with a tweaked knee, but right hand man Ray Barbee is still smiling as he strums his instrument for live shows in San Fransisco. Finally, Mr. Bob Burnquist is somewhere in the stratosphere doing corkscrew loops and frontside 540’s to tail a.k.a. the Gnar Jar (adlibbed by Jake Phelps)….get with the times and eat this news bitch, the team are on fire!