Skateboarding News

Smells like Death

Want to see something creative done on a skateboard? A harsh spot taking a thrashing? A fat bloke get his cock out..? Then save your pennies for the new Death video.

Zorlac and the boys are hard at work at digitalising their lives for your viewing pleasure and the displeasure of the Blue Rinse Brigade. Plus, in case you were sleeping under a rock, you might want to know that Richie Jackson and Patrick Melcher will be clocking in full parts as the latest Death pros!

Speaking of pros, Ricky Oyola’s guest model is very rare with only 500 models spread across the globe, so get one while stock exists! Expect a wider Melcher board to hit the shelves soon at 8.25 inches.

Finally, good minds think alike and Richie and Zorlac took the new UK Consolidated riders Ben Raemers and Ollie Tyreman for a mini Consolidated/Death tour of Northern California.