Skrimp Life video trailer


Get hyped on a video that we have been anticipating for some time now as Xavien Francis’ ‘Skrimp Life‘ video is on it’s way and looking amazing. This London crew have been out there filming this for a while now and with various offcuts online already as tasters, this trailer should whet the appetite for the full flick.

Expect appearances from Kyron Davis, Josh Cox, Manny Lopez, Daryl Dominguez, Ben Rowles, Daniel West, Douwe Macare, Jack West, Christopher Mann, Conor Charleson, Evan Knight, Anton Kastritskiy, Will Miles, Kilian Zehnder, Hector Barnett, Caspar Barnett, Louis Pascoe, Nathan Sutherland, Casey Brown, Ollie Gregory and many more very soon.