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Skatopia movie incoming but Brewce in critical condition

I will never forget the hot sunny day in Marseille when Brewce Martin sprayed his balls in gold paint and then dropped into the vert bowl naked in front of 3000 people with only 3 wheels on his deck! Hanging with this guy for a weekend was chaotic to say the least. He owns the Skatopia ranch out in Ohio which to many would be like a scene out of Mad Max but the fact is that this place is real and it gets bigger every year.

Sadly just yesterday, Martin was carted off to hospital injured from a tyre explosion in a nearby tyre shop and now he is in critical condition due to brain swelling from the incident according to reports on the Skatopia website this morning. A new movie titled Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy documents Brewce for a tumultuous year as he struggles to keep Skatopia afloat. Watch the brand new trailer for it below. Our thoughts go out to you Brewce, get well soon.