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Sheckler not on Indy?

Independent Trucks sent out a press release last week welcoming Ryan Sheckler to their team, but it seems that they may have jumped the gun as Silver released this image via their PR peeps this weekend.

Rumours in the US state that this could have had something to do with an April Fools gag but we are not so sure. One thing we have been made aware of though is that Sheckler has an exisiting contract with Silver who say he still rides for them. We will bring you more news of this when both companies sort their shit out!

In the meantime look out for the kid soon though as he will be just one of the riders present on the Plan B UK Tour alongside Danny Way, Colin McKay and co in June – details of the full line up will be found on this very site soon. You will then be able to tell what truck company he is riding for first hand!