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Seaside Sessions results

Last weekend, the Seaside Sessions went off successfully at Blackpools Ramp City skatepark with many UK vert heads in attendance.

This session was the 2nd leg of the UK Independent vert series and was won by little ripper Paul Luk Ronchetti who has pushed his vert skills to the limit over the last few years. Is there no stopping this kid? He managed to get one over on his elder compadres Sean Goff, Pete king and Dave Allen!

Visit for all your vert needs and below for the full results.


1st: Paul Luk Ronchetti 260 points
2nd: Pete King 218 points
3rd: Dave Allen 212 points
4th: Sean Goff 201 points
5th: Jim the Skin 190 points
6th: Sam Beckett 189 points
7th: Andy Scott 183 points
8th: Sam Bosworth 179 points
9th: Neil Danns 177 points
10th Chris Hudson 170 points
11th: Jon Nixon 168 points
12th Nick Reese 156 points
13th Kev the Plasterer ??? points
14th: Colin Hayes ??? points


1st: Alex Halford 201 points
2nd: Jim Langham 200 points
3rd: Jacob Anderson 196 points
4th: Daz Quinn 176 points
5th: Becky Davies 170 points
6th: Mark Hewitt 158 points
7th: Reece Douglas 135 points
8th: Nick Munson 113 points
9th: Liam Bunn 103 points