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Scotty wins Globe Bowlbash!

The Globe Bowlbash at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven, Holland went down in flames this weekend which saw UK rider Andy Scott pull off some incredible skating to bag 1st place.

The relocation of this brand new skate park was successful and the Dutch have built one of the best indoor skate parks in Europe that most Brits would love to have on their doorstep.

The comp itself organised by Globe shoes was electric with 5 skaters making the finals after a long weekend of sessioning the infamous Area 51 Bowl.

Globe rider Andy Scott edged it with inverts, 360 transfers, kickflip indys in the deep, tailslides, maydays and much more to come in first.

It was a close call though as the finals produced some of the best bowl skating Europe has to offer accompanied by some amazing tunes from DJ Roy Licher….expect a full photo feature on this site this week.


1. Andy Scott, UK
2. Ivan Rivado Alvarez, ES
3. Alain Goikoetxea, ES
4. John Magnusson, SE
5. Anders Tellen, DE