Save BaySixty6 Skatepark – SIGN THE PETITION

As we announced at the end of the Xmas Jam on Saturday, Bay Sixty6 Skatepark in London is currently under threat from Chelsea Council and The Westway Development Trust who could terminate the park’s existence as early as Spring 2011 and replace the area with offices and gardening centres.

The reason provided for the removal of the park is because it “does not serve the needs of local youths”, which is clearly ludicrous. An online petition has been set up and both frequent users of the park and skateboarders across the UK are encouraged to sign it and do whatever they can to prevent the closure of our capital’s only skatepark that can permit regular events like our Xmas Jam that took place this weekend. The park’s purpose is to provide an area in which young people can socialise and engage in positive activity, it is something that simply cannot be taken away.

This is a matter that cannot be taken lightly. Get involved as soon as you can. Sign the petition here and join the park’s Facebook group here. Let it be known that skateboarding is one of the most positive and rewarding activities a young person can involve themselves in.

8 thoughts on “Save BaySixty6 Skatepark – SIGN THE PETITION”

  1. Bay sixty six is one of the UK’s most popular skatepark; used for many filming locations for skate videos to TVshows, and skate lessons, as well as a regular skate spot. This park can’t close, it would just be wrong!

  2. close the only semi sheltered skatepark well thats great.but isnt bay a global attraction for skates from everywhere in the world. why not knock down nelsons colomn it dont do nothing for youths and is just a statue

  3. Baysixty6 is one of the most well known skate parks in the UK, as well as world wide. Getting rid of it would be ridiculous.

  4. All my mates from Sumerset travel to bay for a day of skating, we go there just for bay. With bay closed all the skaters from bay will be on the streets were I’m sure the public will prefer them to be in one of the best skateparks in Britain!!

  5. Please don’t do this, Bay sixty6 is one of the most well known skateparks in England, and so many people depend on it for being social and having a good time.

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