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Ryan Decenzo wins Tampa Am 2008

The Tampa Am 2008 comp went off this weekend, with Darkstar’s Ryan Decenzo taking the topspot. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the hours of footage from the live podcast, the results are below:

Final Results

1. Ryan Decenzo
2. Ben Hatchell
3. Davis Torgerson
4. Felipe Gustavo
5. Vincent Alvarez
6. Chazz Ortiz
7. Chris Gregson
8. Shane O’Neill
9. Taylor Smith
10. Felipe Ortiz
11. Theotis Beasley
12. Chris Troy

Best Trick on Real Skateboards’ Bank to Wall

1. Vince del Valle – Kickflip frontside lipslide
2. David Gonzales – Kickflip backside noseblunt
3. Dave Bachinsky – Front blunt kickflip in
4. Vincent Alvarez – Switch alley oop lipslide
5. Marius Syvanen – Nollie alley oop 5-0

You can watch winner Ryan’s final run by clicking here, and visit for more.