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Ross McGouran takes Urban Games

Photo’s by Robin.

The annual Urban Games event went down this weekend at Clapham Common where local London ripper Ross McGouran won this years British Championships with 50-50”s most lethal rider Flynn Trottman in second place and Crossfire’s latest 7-Set winner Adam Howe coming in third riding for Duffs and Plan B.

The new European Championship Comp comp was won by Enrico Petralia,with Ross Mcgouran in 2nd after qualification from the British comp and Australian Enjoi rider Richard Flude got 3rd who also skated the 7-Set comp this month and won cash.

This year’s game of S.K.A.T.E was won by James Gardner. 4 groups of 5 skaters went head to head with 1 winner from each round going through to the semi finals. The rifders that made the cut were Ross McGouran, Chami (Globe rider from Argentina), Richard Flude, and James Gardner. The latter went though to the finals and Gardner made off with £1000 cash with a switch frontside heelflip by all accounts.

The vert skating went off in style on Pete King’s brand new Vauxhall sponsored 14ft ramp, the biggest of it’s kind in the UK. Australian party wrecker Renton Millar schrapled the £1250 with Frenchman Terrence Bougdour and the UK’s Andy Scott coming 2nd and third respectively. The Best Trick on Vert this year was in fact the same result as the actual vert comp with Renton taking first with a kick flip frontside 5-0, Terrence Bougdour with a cab 720′ and Andy Scott with a varial mctwist into fs tailslide shove it the other side. Sasha Muller pulled a kick flip tailgrab to come 4th.

Word on the street says that this year’s Urban Games was better equipt for the skaters this year with seperate street courses, and no nails hanging up everywhere like previous years plus there was even a riders lounge!

But word also says this event was pretty empty and had nothing on previous years figures, could this be the last Urban Games we will see on Clapham Common? Only time will tell.