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Revolution lives!

Even if this winter is proving to be one of the mildest to date, that’s not an excuse to ignore your indoor skateparks.

You may not be aware but Crossfire’s sister company Division provide finace to a select amount of the top indoor parks in the UK in exchange for music promotions, Revolution Skatepark in Broadstairs, Kent are one of those and almost felt the cold shoulder and went out of business due to extortionate rent rises, but luckily Councilor Chris Wells and the Thanet Community Development Trust have provided a long term lease with the possibility of creating extra outdoor facilities to skatepark owner Dan Chapman! Woo Hoo!

This was a close call, so remember kids- Support your scene! Death and Duffs UK recently passed through and showed theirs.

Visit them at:

Oakwood Industrial Estate
Dane Valley Road
St. Peters
Kent CT10 3JJ
Tel: (Skatepark) 01843 866707