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Regulars take the title

Regular came back with a vengeance and won the fourth annual etnies GvR yesterday, putting the Goofies back in their place.

The Regulars put a stop to the Goofy winning streak, scoring 1951.75 points over Goofy’s 1910 points. Rick McCrank was voted MVP by the Regulars, and he certainly earned it with his big bag of tricks throughout the finals!

The Regulars put Slap Magazine editor Mark Whiteley in charge, and he hand picked Ryan Sheckler, Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Rick McCrank, and Sean Malto as the starting five for the finals. It was one of the remaining ten regular qualifiers, Luan De Oliveira that scored the most points for his team and took home 15,000 bucks.

The event was finished off in the evening by a huge gig from Yeah Yeah Yeah’s who took the stage in the parking lot above the skatepark in front of the more than 7,000 fans