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RAW Tapes: London 2006 Series – Episode 2


Raw footage filmed for the Static III video in London has been released in a second episode by Theories Josh Stewart overnight amounting to almost ten minutes of mayhem.

“After staring at a towering inferno of literally 21 external hard drives lining my desk in the TOA office and 15 drawers full of DV and hi-8 tapes, it hit me that there’s roughly 25 years of footage just growing stale in this office. A lot of it having never been seen or countless other angles and second, third and fourth makes that never saw the light of day. So, I opened up the filing cabinets last week and started logging footage. The first tape I pulled out was from the summer of 2006 when we spent 3 months in London to film for the Static III video. One of the most amazingly productive summers I’ve ever had filming. As I started to build out a timeline from just a few tapes I realized it wouldn’t be right unless I captured everything from the entire trip. So a 5 minute timeline quickly turned into a 25 minute feature length mess. So I figured instead of edit it all down it would be better to split it up into a 3 part series.”

Dig into some of these unused angles and unseen clips featuring; Pat Stiener, Nate Broussard, Tony Manfre and Olly Todd.