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Pro Tec Pool Party goes off

The annual Pro Tec Pool Party went in off in traditional style this weekend in the US with Etnies and Flip pro Rune Glifberg taking the honours for first place again for the second year running plus $25,000 for the privilege. Glifberg killed the place by all accounts with aft stalefish airs, tweaked fs airs, technical switch mastery and the winning run of the day.

Chris Miller won the masters event and Steve Caballero managed 18 blocks of pool coping for the longest boardslide! look out for footage soon.

Pro Comp

1. Rune Glifberg $25,000
2. Omar Hassan $15,000
3. Bucky Lasek $7,500
4. Bob Burnquist $3,000
5. Benji Galloway $2,000


1. Chris Miller $10,000
2. Steve Caballero $6,000
3. Nicky Guerrero $3,000
4. Eric Nash $1,000
5. Lester Kasai $500

Thrasher/Vans Longest Boardslide Contest

1st Steve Caballero 18 blocks $1800
2nd (tie) Eddie Reategui 15 1/4 blocks
2nd (tie) Steve Steadham 15 1/4 blocks