Pontus Alv explains why he went to Converse

pontus_alvI just found this interview via the SLAP forum…A lot of interesting reading, ideas and thoughts circulating out there. Some fake rumors about me getting kick off Emerica and so on. Which of course is not true. My contract went out and I asked them to step it up a bit. People might think that I make some great money but I can tell you all that I don´t. In this industry we have guys being paid 1 million dollar to enter Street league and so on. I am not jealous or bitter about it at all I am very happy to be able to pay my bills, have food on my table and a bit of extra money for beers camera stuff concrete and other joyful things in life. Money for me is not very interesting it is just a tool to finance ideas and visions. Fancy cars and other toys and things does´t mean much to me.

Well anyway I do have another shoe sponsor and it is Converse on some kind of european level. People might think this is about money and so on and I can tell you all that it is not. Sure the contract is a bit better but it is not about that. I needed a change to another brand that will work with me and not against me. I am interesting to have a platform and a support for my ideas and visions. A company that understand who I am and what I come from and what I want to do. If you guys missed the point somehow my main goal and dedication the last ten years has been to give back to skateboarding, inspire other to inspire themselves. Try to show alternative ways and open some doors for people. I will never change this state of mind and this dedication love and passion for skateboarding. I do run a company now I do have a new shoe sponsor I do ride for Carhartt and so on. I need support and help from companies to be able to do the things I do. So well all this goes without saying and I think most of you understand this. I just wanted to clear some rumors and so on. Also maybe clear my own mind a bit. I have a lot of things to think about these days….

So anyway now you know. YEAH

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