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Petition for a world class skatepark in Southport

southport_skatepark_designLocal skaters in Southport, Merseyside are rallying support for a petition to bring them a world class concrete park right now and need your support. Their proposals would like to replace the vibe that Solid Surf Skatepark received between 1978-1999, a popular seaside skatepark that attracted people from afar.

“We wish to build not just “a skatepark. We wish to create a venue that will be of a standard to attract national and international events and competitions, which will bring much needed trade into Southport, as well as providing a world class facility for local skatepark users.”

If you are reading this, sign the petition here and let Sefton Council know that any world class skatepark is going to be a catalyst for so much creativity within local youth culture, help kids to be healthy and act as a meeting point for friendships that could last forever.