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Parlour skate shop burglary, please read

Parlour_skateshoplogoIt’s never fun having to write stuff like this but when skate shops get burgled there’s an obvious way of everyone helping the scene.

Parlour Skate Shop in Mile End was broken into at 1.30am this morning, three thieves smashed their way in and left with with tens of thousands of pounds worth of stock. The majority of the property taken is made up of fairly rare brands only sold in a few shops in London, so if you are offered skate product anywhere, then you need to report it rather than pick up a bargain.

Parlour have posted on insta to look out for brand new clothing including Caps, T-Shirts, Crew and Jackets from Polar Skate Co, Helas, Rip N Dip, Independent, The Quietlife, Levis, Thrasher etc, plus Independent trucks, sizes 139 / 149 / 159 * Thunder trucks, sizes 145 / 147 / 149 * 5boro VHS Series decks and the Caliente Series Deck (these are a new range that are not even readily available).

If you are offered these stolen goods, take a photo of those selling it and buy the product from them. (Parlour will reimburse you for the product and reward you highly). All you need to do is personally message the shop at with a location and image.

Note that the shop in Mile End will be closed as they clean up the mess, but their Hackney store is open as usual at 59, Hackney Rd. Shouts to everyone who spreads this message fast by sharing this post.