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Omar Bags the cash at the Snickers Bowl

It was a really hot, long and loud Download festival that received the world’s best vert skaters for the annual Snickers Bowl comp. The weekend kicked off with UK Friday- a day dedicated to homegrown talent to shine for a place in the finals with the pros – and Div‘s freestyle no pads mayhem got edged out by the amazing skills of little Sam Beckett. Rodeos, 540s, big airs and consistent style saw Sam win the golden ticket.

The following day kicked off nice and early with a longest grind session. If you weren’t clocking above the 18 foot mark, forget about it. So, Lincoln Ueda ground a whopping 21 feet, with Juergen Horrwarth getting one better on him with 22 feet. Omar Hassan smashed his previous record of 27 feet with a massive 30 foot 5-0 to fakie, but Brian Patch was the man of the hour with a ridiculous 33 foot grind through the knuckle!

During Saturday’s Practice sessions, things stepped up a whole lot when Juergen, Bucky Lasek, Andy Scott and company stepped up to drop in. Lincoln threw a 7ft frontside stalefish to body slam 20 feet below and thast called it a day for the warm ups.

Sunday went off in true form with Neal Hendrix wiring together some very solid and tough lines with Nollie Heelflips and full cab heelflips on lock. Sandro Dias was flying so high that the passengers in the overhead planes could read his sponsors off the bottom of his deck. Bucky was switching things up and Andy Scott was seriously on fire. Before the results were called, the Best Trick comp went down and everyone was pulling out the stops, even injured Lincoln with more hair-raising high flying antics. Despite busting out a nollie flip frontside tailslide up the extension, Bucky couldn’t budge Juergen’s head height fakie 720 tailgrab.

Final results run as follows:

13th: Sam Beckitt
12th: Sean Goff
11th: Terence Bougdour
10th: Renton Millar
9th : Lincoln Ueda
8th : Andy Scott
7th : Benji Galloway
6th : Neal Hendrix
5th : Juergen Horwarth
4th : Sandro Dias
3rd : Brian Patch
2nd : Bucky Lasek
1st : Omar Hassan

For a full detailed report on the Snickers Bowl and Download event that includes more detail on who threw the horns with ‘Double D’ Dave Duncan, who was still awake at dawn, and was spotted signing dildos.

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