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Barletta Slapped

If you wondered what Slap Magazine have in their mag this month, look no further.

February’s issue has ‘A Week With Louis Barletta‘ who actually manages to get a readable interview into print! His covershot of him a fakie airwalk says everything about this guy, genius.

If you have ever wondered what it’s actually like at Bruce Martin’s Skatopia ranch in Ohio then you will after reading this full feature on the gaff. It sounds off the hook. Jeremy Reeves from City Skateboards gets a full interview in this months mag alongside an introview with Zoo York am Matt Miller.

Musically, the wizard tunes of the infamous Tortoise get a licking with The Walkmen and rapper Edan who you may well have heard on the Crossfire Hip Hop Show a few moons back…

This issue is banging and well worth a read. You can find their zine and loads of extras at There is even a very short but fun Beastie Boys interview in there talking about Black Flag, Misfits and Bad Brains ready to read right now..