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New Maverick skatepark in Abedare opens


Welsh skaters are celebrating a new skate park built down in the Cynon Valley area of Aberdare this week by Maverick. The new concrete poured on this land includes a tasty looking combi-bowl, ‘Library’ steps, a taco, a hip, ledges, a gap and more. The park is open weekends only right now until the main contractor finishes the surrounding landscaping. They are and they are hoping to open the entire site up in around 4 weeks time. Look out for an exact date as they come closer to completion.

Speaking to Maverick’s Ian Jennings this week he told us that: “Aberdare has been a dream project from start to finish. We worked very closely with the users to create a design which would not only replace the soon-to-be-demolished ASP1, but open up a new era for the local riders/skaters and allow the skills they’d honed on the old park to evolve and grow in the new one. Within quite a limited budget, we balanced a great combi-bowl with a jumpbox section, an interesting street course, a homage to the long-lost ‘library steps’ and an array of interesting features and transfers in such a way that the whole park flowed, but without too much conflict between the different sections.”

“Thanks to our dedicated crew, the execution of the build has been spot on and the quality of the finish is of the highest standard. Ant Dennis and the locals are a really great bunch. It’s been a real pleasure and an honour to help them realise their dream of delivering a first class park for the area and a fitting memorial tribute to a lost friend. The initial feedback has been over-whelmingly positive and we are stoked to have had the opportunity to put this facility in Aberdare where it is so obviously appreciated and will no doubt be enjoyed for many years to come…”



Ph: Matthew Dyer

Aberdare - photo by Matthew Dyer