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New DVD and building coming for Revolution Skatepark

February 16th, 2012 by Zac

revolution_skateparkRevolution Skatepark down in Kent are busy as usual. They are currently working on their third, full length video called “Our Time” which has a teaser you can see below. It features all the Revolution staff, pro’s, am’s and more. As an added bonus, their first video About Time is available for free on the web now. Watch this to see how far the park has come in the past 14 years.

With that in mind, a entirely new building has been erected where the outside ramp complex used to be. Locals on the South East coast will be skating it as soon as the street obstacles and mini ramps, that are currently being made in another warehouse, are laid for use. Well done to all behind the progress at Revolution, we will bring you the design and photos of the new layout when we get them through.


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