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My Rules: New Glen E. Friedman book incoming


20 years ago, the famed skateboard and music photography of Glen E.Friedman hit the coffee tables of pretty much every skateboarder that grew up appreciating amazing music and skateboarding. Two of his many epic photography books, ‘Fuck You Heroes’ and ‘Fuck You Too’ are staple must-have’s for anyone connected or fascinated with our favourite two past-times and for a reason: Friedman’s work is unique and tells many stories in each frame.

If you are one of the lucky people that are obsessed with Glen’s work then get hyped on the fact that he has been working on a new book that is scheduled for release this September. ‘My Rules‘ takes inspiration from Friedman’s first ever solo publication in 1982 and packs in 324 pages of skateboard and music loving, weighing in at an astonishing 7lbs. This book will pack in the very best of ‘Fuck You Heroes’ and ‘Fuck You Too’ but in much larger formats; many as full bleed, and up to 300% of the their originally published size.

The best part of it is that 30% of the book is made up of never before seen photos, so expect over 100 shots from his archives that will sit alongside contributions from the likes of Henry Rollins, Tony Alva, LL Cool J, Jello Biafra, Chuck D, Rodney Mullen, Duane Peters, Ian MacKaye, Jeff Ho, Alan ‘ollie’ Gelfand, the late Jay Adams (RIP), Shepard Fairey, C.R Steckyk III and many more.

We simply cannot wait for this. You can pre-order your copy that is released on September 6th from here for £21.

Spread the word and enjoy this video featuring Fugazi’s Ian Mackaye looking through some of his classic shots and discussing the shoots throughout the years.