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Muska leaves Shortys

June 5th, 2006 by Crossfire

The man who single-handedly supported Shortys has upped and left! That’s right- Everyone’s favourite nemesis/fashion guru/OG gnarler, Chad Muska has quit Shortys.

Chad came from Nowhere, Nevada, to then become the posterboy for a brief generation and international playboy (notably in Germany) with one of the best selling skate board graphics ever- the OG silhouette.

Was it the swishy pants? The rap/drum and bass album? The excess flair? The Boombox? The affair with Paris Hilton? The endless partying? Or the forum rumours that killed off his career as a premier skate legend on par with Hosoi and Gator…? Take your pick, but never forget how Muska moulded a new genre of gnarly skating and was always hyped for a session.

A pro model shoe on Supra is on the books as well as future work with Krew Apparel, so Muska’s legacy is far from over. Watch this space.


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